Shiny Glass Crystals

Yes they sparkle


“You remembered?”
“But… I only mentioned it in passing… ten years ago…”
“I know. It was a beautiful thing and when you said it… I looked up and I shared the feelings you felt. It wasn’t an uncommon sight. Trees on either sides of the lane with rich, green leaves touching each other… forming an arch… stretching across miles. Sunshine droplets dripping from tiny spaces between them, falling on your cheeks as you stood there gazing. You held my hand, you looked at the branches, the leaves, the sunshine and you said you had never seen anything better. I looked at you and I said ‘me too’. I knew we could never go back there. So the next day, I drove here to my great-grandfather’s bungalow. Willie was a little surprised to see me. I haven’t been here since I was six when my mother took me away. Anyway, he asked me what I’d come back for and I told him I wanted to plant some trees. He laughed; he didn’t think I was actually going to plant little saplings across the road for miles. Then when he caught my eye looking at him in all seriousness, Willie went back into the garage, got some tools out and said ‘You’re your father’s boy. I don’t know what you’re up to; I never knew what your father was up to and I never asked him. I’m not going to ask you either. When do we begin?’ So Willie and I planted these ten years ago. How they’ve grown! Willie has tended them well. I’ve visited each year and I’ve dreamed of this day for a long time now. I remember you as you were, Maera. You were lovely. You’re just as lovely now. I loved you back then, I love you now. I’ve met a lot of women and I’ve been afraid… of losing the warmth in my heart… of losing the hundred emotions that take off when I think of you or hold… but one day you kissed me. You kissed me and everything made sense.”
“Stop it.”
“Stop what?”
“I can’t.”
“Is something wrong? I am not finished as yet, Maera. I’m asking you today to marry me.”
“I can’t”
“Wh… what? We’ve been together for twelve years now… why won’t you do this now?”
“I can’t. I need to go. Don’t call me. Don’t ask me why. Don’t think I don’t love you. If you can find it in your heart, forgive me. Bye. I will always love you.”
“Maera, we can talk…”
“No we can’t. Not anymore.”

Maera looked outside the window. Skyline apartments lighted up quite nicely in the nights. Billboards too. It was a pretty sight. Leaning outside, she put her hand on the glass. An old, ripe brown leaf caught her fingers. She picked it up and fidgeted with it a bit. The veins were as elaborate and wrinkled as cracks on her skin. It was half-crushed, half torn. Maera picked up the journal she wrote in, thirty years ago. She flipped through the pages one by one. Then she found that one page. 13th November 2010. She couldn’t even cry. She put the leaf on the page, shut the book and put it back.

“I still love you.”

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